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SW Area Master Plan


SW Minneapolis Parks Master Plan

9 Skateparks - SkateSpots proposed in concepts for 40 Park Spaces throughout SW Minneapolis.

This process determines the future of where and approximate size of amenities like Skateparks and SkateSpots. Final designs will follow as each park is budgeted and built.

MPRB homepage with all SW Master Plan info - HERE.

Project Status: Comment on each specific Skatepark and Skatespot in the SURVEY - HERE - thru 3/31 - Your participation matters!

Contact your MBRB commissioners to ask for support & funding of all MPRB skateparks.

City of Skate Priorities for SW Area Master Plan - 9 Skateboard Parks

1) Smith Triangle (Concept B) - Establish as an official Skatepark with expanded features. A BIG thank you to Nikolai Fjelstad Desantiago for working on a COS concept (below). For the past decades skateboarders have been watched over by the Thomas Lowry statue at Smith Triangle. Now it is time to pay homage to the Minneapolis skateboarders and this historic Skate Spot by preserving Smith Triangle for all skateboarders and guiding future youth by providing quality skateparks in SW Minneapolis Parks.  “Be this community strong and enduring—it will do homage to the people who guided its youth.” - Thomas Lowry

2) Painter Park (Concept B) - Establish a new Skatepark, just south of Lyn-Lake, home to the Cheese Box.

3) 28th St. Tot Lot (Concept A) - The 28th Street D.I.Y. Spot. Establish a designated space designed, built, and programmed by the skateboard community.

4) Armatage (Concept B) - Expand and improve already established skatepark, let’s make a new bigger and better skatepark.

5) Additional New Skateparks at Pershing Park (Concept A) - Near SW High School, Waveland Triangle (Concept B) - The name Waveland beg’s for a skatepark, and Fuller Park (Concept B) - Near Washburn High & Justice Page Schools.

6) Additional New SkateSpots at Whittier Park (Concept B) - Next to Whittier Elementary and St. Louis Triangle (Concept B).

7) Bde Maka Ska Skatepark - Funding for this already approved skatepark on the NW corner of Bde Maka Ska.