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Go Skateboarding Day Minneapolis - Photo: Alex Uncapher


Minnesota State Skate Park Grant - NOW Is The Time To Get Involved!

The Issue - Skateboarding and skateparks have long taken a backseat in our public parks and to other valued city amenities like baseball, softball, basketball, football, hockey, playgrounds, softball, tennis, swimming, etc. 

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We need your help.

As City of Skate continues to advocate for quality public skateparks and skateboarding, your voice and input most be heard also.

1. Call and Write your Local Government & Park Board

2. Make A Donation


Contact Your Local Government / Park Board Officals

Skateboarders are tax payers too. Contact your representatives and tell them what skateboarding means to you, your friends, and the importance skate culture plays in our communities. Ask your representatives to support skateboarding, quality skateparks, and City of Skate initiatives. 

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board - City of Skate has partnered with MPRB on their adopted Skate Park Activity Plan calling for 20+ citywide skateparks. Contact and urge the Mpls. Park Board Commissioners to prioritize FUNDING of their Skate Park Plan. 18 Skatepark locations are already approved by MPRB and ready for immediate design and build. If you live, work, or play in Minneapolis - You have a voice in where park funds are allocated.

  1. Contact the Three at Large(Citywide) Commissioners - Latrisha Vetaw, Meg Forney and Londel French

  2. Also contact your MPRB District Commissioner.

  3. Minnesota State Legislature - Support MN Skate Park Grant Fund Bill - Contact your MN State Senator and Representative, along with our Governor.


Contributing to City of Skate-501(c)3 facilitates continued advocacy for public skateparks, helps initiate skatepark concepts and designs, builds skateparks, and promotes the positive impact skateboarding has on our communities.

For contribution options and partnerships, contact:


Show Up! - Attend Public Meetings

Check the COS Events Page and Social for important skateboard community events and park board meetings.

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